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Sub:    Illegal moves
02/15/12  11:11:01
From:  Davis_412



How many illegal moves a player is allowed to inadvertently make in a tournament without being penalized?

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For any player participating in Chess tournaments the answer should be none because an illegal situation might only happen at the beginner level of playing or casual games.

However, to avoid confusions, the Laws of Chess state the following:

Article 7: Illegal positions

7.1   a. If during a game it is found that the initial position of the pieces was incorrect,
           the game shall be cancelled and a new game played.

        b. If during a game it is found that the only error is that the Chessboard has been
            placed contrary to Article 2 .1, the game continues but the position reached
            must be transferred to a correctly placed Chess board.

7.2   If a game has begun with colors reversed then it shall continue, unless the arbiter rules otherwise.

7.3   If a player displaces one or more pieces, he shall re-establish the correct position on his own time. If necessary the opponent has the right to restart the player's clock without making a move in order to make sure the player re-establishes the correct position on his own time.

7.4   If during a game it is found that an illegal move has been made, or that pieces have been displaced from their squares, the position before the irregularity shall be re-instated. If the position immediately before the irregularity cannot be identified the game shall continue from the last identifiable position prior to the irregularity. The clocks shall be adjusted according to Article 6.13 and, in the case of an illegal move, Article 4.3 applies to the move replacing the illegal move. The game shall then continue.

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