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Sub:    Level of mate
06/29/12  04:04:52

Hello all,

Just wondering how far your Lokasoft Chess playing software can go to perform a mate.

Can a player have a checkmate against the computer in six or more moves and the program window acknowledges and announces it?

Thank you, great site!

Dear viewer,

Theoretically, a Chess program can perform a mate in “x” moves provided it has a good programming algorithm and reasonable “thinking” time is allotted to perform the required computer calculations.

These set of rules also apply to the Lokasoft Chess software. In the position below, you can checkmate the computer in nine moves by moving your g3 Pawn to g4 square and the program will announce “Player mates in 9 Moves.”

In order to accomplish this, and before making your first move, you need to change the fixed time settings from default 10 seconds to 250 seconds (over 4 minutes) or more if needed, and then move your Pawn to g4.

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