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Letter #40 -  2012

Sub:    Mate in 22 moves
10/27/12  11:24:34
From:  Alex

I'm sending you this mate in 22 moves problem I found in the net:

Mate in 22 moves
 Mate in 22, Tim Krabbé, 1985

Would you be kind to put in a PGN viewer for us to study it?


Dear viewer,

You can now review this mate with a PGN viewer:

This browser is not Java-enabled.

Use the following FEN file to play this Chess puzzle against the computer in our “Let’s Play Chess” page:

rr6/4R2p/8/3N3b/1p5p/PPpB4/1nPp1p2/1K1k2b1 w - - 0 1

This is a mate in 22 moves but you may be able to beat the computer in less moves since it plays in the default level and won’t be able to exhaust all possibilities.

Thank you for visiting us,

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