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Letter 39 -  2012

Sub:    Two Knights mate
10/11/12  06:03:13
From:  Cooper_45


In your Chess problems page you assert: “A combination of a King and two Knights alone cannot force a checkmate” and yet you have a Chess problem in which a King is being checkmated by a King and two Knights -- endgame problem #11.

Is there an explanation to this?

Thank you.

Dear viewer,

The reason the black King could be checkmated by the white King and two Knights is that at the beginning of this problem black opponent had a Pawn which denied him the critical tempos needed to flee the corner trap and force a draw.

The black Pawn effectively doomed his own King into zugzwang and to an inevitable mate.

Our position remains the same since it never was a position of a lone King against a King + two Knights but rather a King + Pawn (and later a Queen) against a King and two Knights.

Thank you for visiting us,

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