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Letter #07 -  2012

Sub:    Unknown Chess Opening
02/07/12  9:34:01
From:  Alejandro Cuenca


Good afternoon,

I'm contacting you because I have a question. I am teaching my son to play Chess and I recalled an opening we played in College back in the 70's whose name I can't remember.

Also, at school, my son's friends which are learning Chess too, told him that this opening does not exist. The truth is that it is quite weird and I 'm sending it to you for review and clarification.

It is exclusively a initial move and it begins by moving two Pawns one square simultaneously ending in the b3, g3 squares if playing white or b6, g6 squares if black.

Thanks in advance and congratulations for the wonderful site that you have created.

Alejandro Cuenca

Dear viewer,

The opening you are referring to does not exist or have a name since moving two pieces simultaneously is illegal.

However, there is a name for an opening starting by 1. b3 which is called Nimzo-Larsen Attack or 1. g3 called Benko's Opening.

The following link shows the 20 possible ways to start a game of Chess and their respective opening names:

Thank you for visiting us,

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