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Letter 33 -  2012

Sub:    Website changes
08/28/12  11:24:19
From:  Stephen A.


I am a frequent visitor to chess-poster.

Lately, I have noticed some nice changes in design and improvements in your site and I just wanted to let you know that they did not go unnoticed and certainly all your viewers will really appreciate the effort you guys have done to create this great site.

I just have a little question: before the new changes, you had an arrow icon or link to return to the main index page, e.g.: from the Chess problem “Mate en 1” page we could easily go back to the main Chess problems list with a simple click. Is that still possible?

Thank you for your effort and God bless you all.

S. A.

Dear visitor,

There are two ways to return back to a previous page: using the back arrow icon which is usually located at the top corner of your browser and from the back arrow link icon which is located on each and every bottom page of our site.

The former link you mention in you e-mail was replaced by the title or header of a page. By clicking the title, you will be sent back to the main menu list. You may try it below:

Click to go to main list
(click the title to go to main list )

We believe this small change or innovation will make page navigation more user friendly by instantly knowing how to go back to the main index page of any topic from any page. This method applies to all pages coming from a main topic, section, or chapter.

Thank you for visiting us,

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