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Letter #20 -  2013

Sub:    Chess game depth
Date:   05/19/13  02:16:09 PM EDT
From:  Nick Romo


I play Chess in your page and I would like to know how deep the computer “thinks”. I believe the ‘depth’ score in the program is related to this thinking process and the higher I have seen it is at depth 10.

Can the depth evaluation go higher than that?

Thank you.
From USA

Dear viewer,

The depth evaluation can go as high as the time allotted to think is properly set. If you change the settings to a higher time in seconds, the program can go beyond depth 10.

This of course is related to the number of pieces on the board and the complexity of the position: the more pieces over the board, the more time is required to exhaust all possible variations.

The graphic below shows a position taken from our mate in 9 page problem #2 showing depth 20. This can be accomplished after changing time settings to about 360 seconds (or more) one move or two before the actual mate.

Depth 20

Thank you for visiting us,

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