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Letter #38 -  2013

Sub:    Chess problems
Date:   12/ 17/ 2013  6:55:01 PM MST
From:  Alberto

In problem number five from your checkmate in three moves page, you have solution 1. Rg6 Nxg6 and then 2. Qf6 Ne7 deliberately helping white containing black King to be checkmated with Qh6:

White mates in three
White mates in three 1

But, what if the second black move is Nh8?, then mate in three is not possible. In all other solutions you post, black pieces help white to win.

I would like very much to know what you think about this. Thank you very much from a rookie.


Dear viewer,

If black moves the Knight to h8, white will checkmate with Pawn to e7# :

After 1. Rg6 Nxg6  2. Qf6 Nh8
White mates in three 2

Thank you for visiting us,

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