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Letter #22 -  2013

Sub:    Double check
Date:   06/15/13 2:11:51 PM EDT
From:  Rick


Can you show a position of a legal double check to the King and another one being illegal?

A friend showed me a position in which the King is being double checked but it looks to me that it is not possible to arrive to such position because the King was already in check in the previous move.

Thanks in advance.

Rick M.

Dear viewer,

Below, we show three double check positions illustrating a legal position, an illegal one, and one that may look illegal but it is not:

Legal double check
Legal double check

By moving the Bishop from f6 to d4, white player can legally double check the black King with both Bishop and Rook.

Illegal double check
Illegal double check

This image shows an illegal position since the pieces setup could only be reached by placing the pieces manually but not during an actual game.

Legal double check - puzzle
Legal double check puzzle

This is a legal position even that resembles the illegal position shown before. The answer lies in the previous move white just made.

Thank you for visiting us,

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