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Letter #13 -  2013

Sub:    Few mistakes
Date:   04/03/13 06:59:32 AM EDT
From:  Ik Schaak

How can Anand be the 15th AND the 20th world champion?

When Alekhine was only the 4th (not the 4th AND 6th (again after Euwe)), and Botwinnik only the 6th (not the 7th, 9th (after Smyslov) AND 11th (after Tal))??

Furthermore: how about Karpov? It says 1975-1985. Why not 1975-1985/1993-1999?

Dear viewer,

We surely appreciate your correction.

After comparing the content of your letter against our World Chess Champions pages, we do agree a 100% with you.

Viewers like you help us make our site more accurate. Feel free to contact us again as many time as you like should you find another discrepancy of any kind such as reference, typo, grammatical, broken links, etc.

Our pages have been already corrected and updated.

Thank you for visiting us,

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