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Sub:    Letter #38, 2009
Date:   06/04/13  8:03:21 PM EDT
From:  LG

Dear friends,

While viewing you mail pages, I read letter # 38, 2009 that answers a visitor inquiry about  the computer program Deep Thought who beat an International Grand Master for the first time.

GM Bent Larsen was defeated by Deep Thought in the Software Toolworks Tournament held in Long Beach, CA. I also read in your site that the great Bobby Fischer played three games to Deep Thought and won all of them.

My question is if there was another GM who played against Deep Thought and lost.

I will appreciate very much your response.

Lionel G.

Dear viewer,

In 1985, three doctoral students created the Chess-playing program Chiptest. This would later developed into Deep Thought, which was built by five graduate students in the Computer Science Department of Carnegie-Mellon in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Former U.S. champion and Chess editor of the New York Times GM Robert Byrne was defeated three times by the “brute force” calculation, enormous speed, and computational power of Deep Thought computer program.

Below, you can review one of the games:

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Thank you for visiting us,

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