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Letter #30 -  2013

Sub:    Morphy vs. Carr game August 27, 1858
Date:   09/29/13 06:52:22 PM EDT
From:  Bron and Neil Strong


For the game Morphy vs. Carr game played in 1858 you have as Carr's first name, Jabez. This may be correct for the game played on that date.

I know that there was a game played between Paul Morphy and George Shoobridge Carr in that year. Jabez Carr was George's brother.

It is possible that both brothers played Morphy. Can you confirm that both Jabez and George played Morphy?


Dear viewer,

There is a recorded game played between Paul Morphy and George Shoobridge Carr. It took place in Birmingham on August 27, 1858.

Born the same year as Paul Morphy, George Shoobridge Carr was a British mathematician and author of “Synopsis of Pure Mathematics” 1880 & 1886.

Both George Shoobridge Carr and his uncle Dr. Jabez Carr played Morphy at the Morphy's celebrated blindfold simul at Queen's College, Birmingham on Aug. 27, 1858.

Source: The British Chess Magazine

The game:

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