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Letter #16 -  2013

Sub:    Playing Chess without a clock
Date:   04/ 26/ 2013  5:23 PM EDT
From:  Cynthia

In a tournament I played, the arbiter did not take the time and there were no clock.

Because of this, the game lasted too much and my question is: ¿how long can a Chess game be played?

Dear viewer,

On casual games playing without clocks, there are no rules on time and players should come up with their own rules or an agreement for a time control such as using a wrist watch allowing certain amount of time per move.

No tournament should be played without Chess clocks. With these twin clocks, each player has the same amount of time to complete either a set number of moves or the entire game. It is also a good way to ensure that both players have a fair game. When either player runs out of time, he loses the game.

Another advantage of using clocks is that Chess tournaments organizers can control for certain when many different games in one single tournament will end.

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