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Letter #36 -  2013

Sub:    Playing from a position
Date:   11/25/13  08:42:44 PM EDT
From:  Richard C.

After entering a FEN string, what next?

How do I see that position?

Can I then play from that position?

Dear viewer,

When entering and creating a FEN position in a program, you can copy it to the computer memory (Ctrl + C) and paste it (Ctrl + V) into a Chess viewer or a Chess applet to view it or play it against a computer and solve it.

As an example, the following FEN string:

1r4r1/q2b1p1k/p4P1p/1pn1P1p1/3N4/5B2/PPP2R1Q/4R1K1 w - - 0 1

can be copied and pasted into the “Type or paste a FEN string here" window of our Chess applet page "Let's Play Chess", then press the "Send FEN String” button, and try to solve it playing against the computer.

This FEN string is a position played between Bobby Fischer and J. Kelley. Fischer mates in five moves and first key to move is Rxh6+.

Thank you for visiting us,

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