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Letter #26 -  2013

Sub:    Solving Chess problem
08/18/13  08:32:19 AM EDT
From:  V. Ajdacic

Dear Sirs,

Would you be so kind as to solve this Chess problem for me? (white on move and wins)

 White on move and wins

Do you charge your service of this kind?

Best regards.
Yours sincerely,
prof. V. Ajdacic, PhD

Dear viewer,

After trying for a while to find the solution, we found a possible combination leading to a white victory. An e-mail with the winning moves has been sent to you.

The answer to your second question is that we do not charge anything (and never will) for inquiries from our viewers requesting this type of problem solving.

The problem, shown below in a Chess applet, can let you or our viewers to try to solve it against the computer and find the winning move for white.

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Thank you for visiting us,

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