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Letter #34 -  2013

Sub:    Unfinished game
11/17/13  7:07:23 PM EDT

From:  Casanova

A game was adjourned in this position:

White: Qd6, e5, f4, g3, Kh3, h2
Black: b5, Qc4, e6, Kg8, g7, h6

White to move, what is the move to follow? Could you give me a hint?

Thank you.

P.S. I tried to write to you in the contact form page but the verification code did not go thru (I tried three times). Should the letters be entered in uppercase, lowercase, or both? In my PC they look uppercase but different sizes all.

P.S.2  This e-mail address I am using is from a Chess School that is taking its first steps in this activity.

Dear viewer,

Our opinion is that black has a slight advantage by having a passed and unopposed Pawn which is well protected by the black Queen.

A good move for white could be to move his Queen to d2 and starting moving his King towards the black passed Pawn.

On your second inquiry, our contact form page has been already fixed and should be working fine now. Thank you for your red flag pointing out this error.

You may try to find a solution playing this position below:

refresh (internet explorer)   refresh (google chrome)

Thank you for visiting us,

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