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Letter #33 -  2013

Sub:    Upload problem
Date:   10/29/13  10:43:43 PM EDT
From:  Steven

I cannot upload a fen string into the application “Let's Play Chess”.

I pasted the fen string in the box and followed with w - - 1 0. It will not upload the string so I cannot play the game.

This occurred just after an upgrade of java. What do I do?

Please advise.

Steven Dreier

Dear viewer,

We did check our “Play Chess” page and it is working fine.

The problem is within the java environment which it could be a minor nuisance. Sometimes by flushing the browser cache and turning off and on your computer, everything may go back to normal.

Lately, we have noticed that java software requests to make upgrades quite often that we believe are non essential. After making and upgrade, we also experienced some problems like yours.

We believe that the purpose on those upgrades is to sell their sponsors products in the process of downloading the latest version of java. Now, we just ignore those upgrades.

Try to disable the “check for upgrades” option somewhere in the program. We did just that and those unwanted and bothersome upgrades calls ended.

Thank you for visiting us,

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