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Letter #28 -  2013

Sub:    Woman vs. Computer
Date:   09/09/13  11:32:40 AM EDT
From:  oblate

Hi to all,

For the past weeks I have been researching pages in your site and I find it very impressive and an endless source of Chess topics.

You have surely put a lot of effort in creating this great site and I wish you the best in your project.

In some pages, you have several Grand Masters playing against computers: Gary Kasparov vs. Deep Blue, Bobby Fisher vs. Greenblatt Computer, Kramnik vs. Deep Fritz, Bent Larsen vs. Deep Thought, etc.

My question could be if there is a game by a Woman Grand Master playing against a computer.

Thank you and keep it up!
S. M.

Dear viewer,

Thank you for your positive review of our site.

The following, is a game played in 1993 between Deep Blue and Judit Polgar in New York city:

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Thank you for visiting us,

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