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Letter #01 -  2014

Sub:    Anand game
Date:   01/05/14  11:32:10 AM EDT
From:  Evan


Any chance you can publish in a pgn viewer the game played between former world Chess champion Anand Viswanathan and Vassily Ivanchuk?

Ivanchuk (the world's #4 player at the time this game was played) missed a one move checkmate by moving 29... Qf4+?? instead of playing 29...Qxh1# !!

Thank you.

Dear viewer,

This game was played in the London GP, final play off, blitz g/5(2) in 1994. It is very hard to believe that Vassily Ivanchuk missed this mate while having his Queen and Bishop on the same diagonal.

The game:

Thank you for visiting us,

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