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Letter #24 -  2014

Sub:    Chess problem
11/11/14  03:47:54 PM EDT
From:  Luis Horacio Franco Bolivar

Warm greetings,

Some years ago, when I solved the two very hard Chess problems that you posted in your site, I told you that until then, I had been considering as the most difficult and most beautiful the following problem, which white mates in three moves:

Mate in three
White to move and mate in 3 moves

In this problem, there are two different solutions available should the Knight be taken by either the Pawn on f3 or the one on h3 after white makes the first move.

If you like it, you might publish it.

Luis Horacio Franco B.
Dosquebradas, Risaralda, Colombia.

Dear viewer,

Thank you for sharing this great Chess problem. It is very good and very hard to solve:

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Thank you for visiting us,

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