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Letter #09 -  2014

Sub:    Deep Fritz game
Date:   03/01/14  07:32:21 AM EDT
From:  Bruno

Is still Deep Fritz the strongest Chess program available?

Also, can you tell me the highest elo or ranking Fritz has ever reached and if there is a game lost by Fritz against a high ranked human player?

A reply would be greatly appreciated.

Bruno D.L.

Dear viewer,

It is reported that the Houdini 3 64-bit Chess program with an elo of 3246 is the strongest Chess program available. Deep Fritz 14 64-bit has been rated at 3072.

While IBM Deep Blue software was capable of analysing 200 million moves per second, Deep Fritz uses algorithms to cut down the number of dead-end searches performed and has defeated Deep Blue in the past.

GM Boris Alterman (2582) from Israel won a game to Fritz in the KC Human vs. Machine 2000 tournament:

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