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Letter #17 -  2014

Sub:    ECO codification
Date:   06/03/14  07:24:11 PM EDT
From:  Dr. Roger Qualo


What does refer to the capital letter in the classification of Chess' openings, like the letters A, B, C?

For the numbers, I understand that they refer to a particular variation.

Dear viewer,

The ECO codification (short for “Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings”) is a system for describing openings in Chess. There are five main categories: "A, B, C, D, and E", each of which is divided into one hundred subcategories.

The meaning of the letters describes a certain type of Chess openings and they are as follows:

A ....... Flank or irregular openings
B ....... Semi-open games
C ....... Open games
D ....... Closed and semi-closed games
E ....... Indian defenses

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