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Letter #12 -  2014

Sub:    Game Anand-Carlsen
03/20/14  04:59:19 PM EDT
From:  Luis Horacio Franco

Warm regards.

In letter #35 of 2013, from the game #9 Anand-Carlsen, you suggest playing from the Bishop move at f1, rather than moving the Knight which was Anand's catastrophic move but the computer moves its Queen to e1, and thus, loses the game after sacrificing the Queen and Bishop later on with no avail.

I believe that if the Queen moves to d1 instead with the intention of placing itself at h5 and subsequently move the Bishop to f5, Carlsen at the most can have a draw.

Am I right?

Luis H.

Dear viewer,

After reviewing the position back again and placing the Queen into d1 instead of e1 as you suggest in your letter, we found that you are 100% right.

Below, you can play the game with a setup showing white moved his Bishop at f1 and black Queen moved to d1 as you indicated.

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Thank you for visiting us,

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