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Sub:    Help creating a problem
04/12/14  11:03:55 PM EDT
From:  L. Goodman


I'm trying to create a little Chess puzzle for some students. The idea is to have the chessboard with a piece setup of Pawns & major pieces with an equal piece material and having an even position in both sides.

The player moving first should have to promote as many Pawns to Queens as possible (four Queens or more would be great) and taking care not to prematurely checkmate the opposite King in the process.

The purpose of this puzzle would be to find out which player could promote more Pawns before checkmating the opponent’s King.

Stalemate should be avoided since it may affect the goal of this Chess problem which it is to promote Pawns and end up with as many Queens as possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Dear viewer,

The following setup is an even piece position for both sides: 8 Pawns, 1 Rook, 1 Bishop, and 1 Knight for each player.

White moves first and should be able to promote all 8 Pawns to Queen if the right moves are made against the computer.

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