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Letter #25 -  2014

Sub:    Mate in one, incorrect representation
Date:   12/11/14  11:54:34 AM EDT

My apology for this inquiry, but after watching the position carved on the tombstone, I believe is not possible a checkmate in one move with the given solution.

Being the board arranged in a two-dimensional form, in accordance with international conventions, white pieces are placed over the first and second rank of black pieces, therefore the proposed solution would not be possible.

I highly recommend the clarification on this topic. I take this opportunity to congratulate you for your website, which I have included it to my  favorites and will often visit it.

Warm greetings.

Dear viewer,

The page you are referring to shows the gravestone of Jacques Davidson (1890-1969), a Dutch Chess master:

Mate in one

There is no discrepancy in the above picture since it is only a matter of perspective. Just picture yourself as watching the game or board on the black player’s side.

Although conventional Chess diagrams always show white pieces at the bottom of the board and black on top, the position shown still remains a valid mate in one for white.

Thank you for visiting us,

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