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Letter #03 -  2014

Sub:    Mate in two problem
Date:   01/18/14  03:03:23 PM EDT
From:  Carlos Romero

Dear Sirs:

I will thank a confirmation if the solution to “mate in two” shown in your website is correct (I do not want the answer).

Additionally, I would greatly appreciate to know the author of this and the other problem (mate in three) that is really excellent.

Thank you very much,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dear viewer,

The mate in two problem is correct. We already have several people writing us about the solution that despite being very simple, they cannot find it:

Mate in two moves
White mates in two moves

As for the authors of both problems, the above mate in two is credited to Thomas Taverner (Dubuque Chess journal 1889, first prize) and the mate in three is credited to Eduard Petsch-Manskopf (Leipziger Illustrierte Zeitung, 1899).

Write us back again if you're unable to find the solution and we will gladly e-mail it to you.

Thank you for visiting us,

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