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Letter #01 -  2015

Sub:    About draws
Date:    01/03/15  09:41:36 AM EDT
From:  Jose Achig


I beg you to please review your statement on the 50-move rule: "The claim can be made by either player and as with the threefold repetition rule, the right to draw the game is forfeited if it’s not used on that 50-move".

I truly believe that it can be claimed at any moment, that is in the move 50, 51, 52, etc. provided that in the last 50 moves there have not been made movements of Pawn or captures.

A good day,

Dear viewer,

Your input on the 50-move rule on our Draws page is correct. We appreciate your correction very much. The page has been already modified.

Changed to:

“The claim can be made by either player just like the threefold repetition rule. If a player makes a move without having claimed the draw on that move, he loses the right to claim it as in Article 9.2 or 9.3.”

Thank you for visiting us,

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