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Letter #10 -  2015

Sub:    Carlsen blind games
Date:   09/09/15  06:32:01 PM EDT
From:  E.M.


I hope you would be interested in a mp4 Chess movie for your website (link and video attached).

Good site, keep it up!

Eduardo M.

Dear viewer,

Thank you very much for your contribution to our website!

This is without a doubt, a very impressive show of exceptional talent and genius from world champion Magnus Carlsen.

On May 2015 at the Sohn Conference Foundation held in New York, Carlsen played blindfolded against three players in a simultaneous clocked Chess match. Carlsen and all three players had each nine minutes per game.

Carlsen won by 3-0: player board #3 was checkmated, player board #2 loses by time, and player board #1 resigned.

The games:

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