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Letter #07 -  2015

Sub:    Chess game Lance Darling vs. Richard Wood
Date:   06/02/15  02:22:32 AM EDT
Lance Darling

My name is Lance Darling.

My peak USCF rating was 2132. I played about 500 tournament games in Oregon and Washington from 1976 thru 1992.

The people at Northwest Chess magazine thought it was funny to print this game in the April 1983 issue of NWC and call it Lance Darling vs. Richard Wood.

Both Richard and I were well known to the readers of NWC magazine. It was easily recognized as an April fools prank.

Now, 32 years later you are claiming this match was really played. Having the shortest Chess game possible attributed to me has proven embarrassing.

Quite frankly I believe that an apology and a retraction are in order.

Lance Darling.

Dear viewer,

Your clarification is greatly appreciated and know that it has never been or will ever be our intention to publish or write anything offensive against you or any other player.

Our page has been already updated to reflect the true story behind the game played between you and Richard Wood.

Please accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience this may have caused to you.

Should you have recorded games in pgn format played by you, please feel free to send them to us and we will gladly post them in our website in our pgn files page.

Thank you for visiting us,

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