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Letter #01 -  2016

Sub:    About draw by triple repetition
Date:    01/03/16  07:51:07 AM EDT
Jose Achig

Warm regards,

I believe that in explaining on the issue of triple draw by repetition, just before mentioning the example, there is an inaccuracy that I guess is a matter of wording.

There, it is mentioned that the player loses the right to claim a draw if he does not do it in that turn.

I think I'd better to explain that he loses the right on that move only because it seems that it can no longer be possible to claim a draw later during the game and that is false.

That's all my dear friends.
A hug from Ecuador.

Dear viewer,

Thank you for your correction.

The page in question has already been corrected.

Greetings to all of our Chess friends from Ecuador.

Thank you for visiting us,

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