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Letter #13 -  2016

Sub:    Pinned King
Date:   06/04/16  09:12:45 AM EDT
From:  Josh

Just to send you a Chess position that could serve a good example of a multiple King pinning!

By moving white the Knight from d5 to f6, the black King cannot be saved by his own Knight, Bishop, or Rook pieces since they all are pinned and unable to move.

Pinned King

After N-f6#

Dear viewer,

This is a real game played at the Edinburgh Club Championship in 1981 by Geoff Chandler and Richard Kynoch.

White's Knight gives checkmate on f6 even that three black pieces are capable of capturing it, but won't do it since all three are pinned against Black's King.

The game:

Thank you for visiting us,

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