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Letter #42 -  2009

Sub:    About pieces glossary
Date:   9/25/2009  04:39:45 AM EDT

Dear friends,

I'm writing to add a little something in your Chess glossary which I find very interesting.

In Greek, we say 'Skaki' for Chess, Zatrikion is correct but was used in ancient times. We say 'Let's play Skaki', never use Zatrikion.

The Bishop is called Aksiomatikos (which means 'officer') and unofficially Trellos (means 'mad man' - because of its movement).

The Knight is called Ippos - or Alogo - (which means horse), never Ippotis (which means Knight).

Thank you very much!
Lionaki Maria - Chryssa

Dear viewer,

Thank you for your e-mail.

Our page has been already updated with your information.

Best regards,

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