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Letter #14 -  2013

Sub:    Winning without piece exchange
Date:   04/11/13  09:22:32 PM EDT
From:  karl


Can a game of Chess be won, drawn, or ended without a single piece exchange from either side?

I just can't picture this to be possible.

Wish you all the best!
K. T.

Dear viewer,

Letter #52, 2009 shows a game between Nuber and Keckeisen in 1994 without any piece exchange after only 31 moves and won by Nuber playing white.

The game below played at Palma de Mallorca, Spain in 1968 between Antonio A. Medina Garcia and Svetozar Gligoric is just another example that a game can be ended without any piece exchange. White resigns in the 28th move when his Queen is trapped and soon to be captured.

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