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Letter #03 -  2015

Sub:    Castling rule
Date:    01/15/15  01:25:18 PM EDT
From:  Chelita L. J.

Good afternoon!

Need to know about two issues,

1. If the opponent’s King is in check and castles with his Rook, in between my Queen is checking him and next to my Queen is my opponent’s Knight, is that move permitted?

2. If in the same castling move the King ends up in the same square of my Queen, what happens next? Is my Queen captured, or is it an invalid move?

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Dear viewer,

Below is a graphic which may illustrate a possible scenario you're referring to:

Castling not possible

White Queen (backed by the Bishop) checks the King by moving from d2 to d8. The black King cannot castle either side since it is illegal to do so and the only legal move for the King is f7.

On both of your questions castling is not allowed.

More information at this link:

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